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The TECASrl company was founded in February 1993 with the main objective being the creation of new development initiatives in the South, paying particular attention to the industrial technological plant sector and aiming above all at energy saving and the development of alternative energy sources.

In this sector, in fact, the company has developed feasibility studies, designed, directed and built various plants related to the transformation of large thermal power stations for the transition from diesel fuel to methane gas throughout central-southern Italy .

He has designed, directed and built various plants for the production and distribution of electricity and adaptations of existing ones to the new CEI regulations in the industrial and technological sector.  



The Company performs, at its operational headquarters, switchboards for power and auxiliary circuits, bench wiring (spiders, branches, pendants and connections), for the creation of electrical and electronic circuits, by cutting, stripping, crimping, connectorisation, identification of cables, instrumental testing, assembly  and assembly on board vehicles, for the railway sector and, on behalf of third parties, also in the helicopter sector.

It has electronic equipment (dynamometer) for testing and testing (destructive and non-destructive) of crimping and crimping of the terminals in compliance with the relevant CEI regulations in force and for the qualification of personnel as wirers. 

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We take care of warranty assistance, scheduled and corrective maintenance and Full Service of railway rolling stock, we are engaged throughout the national territory and on different types of Mass Transit rolling stock (subways, trams, trolleybuses, regional platforms, etc.).

Currently involved in the CRM Consortium as a consortium member, on assistance activities under warranty, extra warranty, maintenance and full service of the Rock, Blues, Sirio, Metroleonardo, Gtt Tram fleets etc. 



We carry out testing of electrical assemblies in a completely automated way through equipment capable of carrying out type, continuity, insulation, dielectric strength and functional tests with absolute precision.

All certified through probative documentation issued (test reports and test reports).

TECA also certifies tests on LAN cabling.



La Teca is certified according to UNI EN ISO 3834-2 and for the railway sector EN 15085 in CL2, with various qualified welding processes

We weld steel and aluminum, with an electrode or even with a continuous wire.

Through the collaboration of our EWT we also carry out non-destructive tests and controls of the NDT type such as superficial ones, visual examinations, magnetoscopic and penetrating liquids, and volumetric ones of the ultrasound and radiographic type.  


Processi Speciali

The staff working for TECA is made up of specialized resources and able to carry out most of the activities required in the metalworking sector.

Through continuous training we are able to always offer the utmost professionalism.

Our operators are qualified to carry out activities such as crimping, torque tightening, welding and EAB gluing, furthermore all the staff are qualified to carry out maintenance activities according to ANSFISA Decree 4 for all the safety organs contemplated by the sector railway.

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