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Our Works

The services offered by TECA are aimed at responding to the requests of a particularly public and private clientele and concern installation, management and maintenance of industrial technological systems, power switchboards, control and automation, assembly, bench wiring and on board vehicle, maintenance, assistance, retrofit, rewamping and upgrade of railway rolling stock. 

In the industrial plant engineering field, among the works carried out, it built the 9kV50Hz/15kV-16.7Hz conversion electrical substation for Ansaldo Trasporti at the vehicle testing room.

In the railway transport sector, the company, which has been engaged for almost twenty-five years now, has acquired excellent electrical and electronic knowledge in relation to all the problems related to vehicle traction drives on all the various types of railway rolling stock.

This knowledge has allowed it to acquire, on any type of rolling stock, orders for commissioning, maintenance, assistance, both under warranty and extra warranty, "full service" contracts, as well as for the construction of specific plants, systems and /o on-board subsystems such as the Vacma vigilante, the DIS (Driver Information System), commonly referred to as the "black box", the SCMT (Train Running Control System), STB (on-board technological system), SSC (Driver Support System), trains) and ERTMS (Europenan Rail Traffic Management System).

As part of the warranty assistance and maintenance of railway rolling stock, the Company has been involved throughout the national territory on various types of rolling stock (E402, TAF, subways, trams, trolleybuses, etc.) and abroad ( tram Oslo, Driverless Metro Copenhagen, IC4 Aarhus, Sirio Athens, V250 Amsterdam).

For the STREAM-TRIESTE project (electrified transport system with magnetic attraction) of Ansaldo Trasporti, TECA has developed, on behalf of ALCATEL, the "CSD concentrator post" subsystem of the MAC diagnostic system. The CSD has the task of acquiring all the information from the Local Stations SL located along the line, managing anomalous states of the system, distributing to the VSD the information necessary for displaying the status, recording the events and finally sending extra-fast opening commands to the SSE.

On behalf of Ansaldobreda, the company performed the commissioning of 13 of the 34 trains in the Driverless Metro Copenhagen fleet, continuing with assistance under warranty for the entire fleet of vehicles.   

The company was involved, first on behalf of Ansaldo Trasporti and then for the TREVI consortium, in the maintenance of the ETR500, 3kV and multi-voltage fleet, dealing in particular with problems related to vehicle traction; subsequently TECA was an integral part of a group of companies that carried out the maintenance of the entire fleet of ETR500 – 3kV and polyvoltage on behalf of Trenitalia.

TECA was assigned the MIS activities of the DIS equipment on Siemens E190 rolling stock at the Linz and Innsbruck (Austria) sites and on E405 and E412 locomotives manufactured by Bombardier at the Milan and Vicenza sites; it was also involved in monitoring the DIS equipment of Trenitalia's entire ETR500 PLT fleet.

He worked on trains equipped for the Rome – Naples high-speed line, collaborating in the field verification and validation of Alstom Transport's level 2 on-board ERTMS subsystem, through test runs, data collection and analysis, hardware testing, and interfacing with General Contractors.

The TECA was and was involved in the experimentation and MIS activities of the Meneghino c/o the Firema Trasporti production site in Caserta, subsequently, c/o the Ansaldobreda factory in Reggio Calabria, and on the V250 (Belgium - Holland) c/o the Ansaldobreda factory of Pistoia. At the ATM Milan sites, the TECA is engaged in full service activities (assistance under warranty and maintenance, preventive and corrective), of the "Meneghino metro", "Leonardo metro (1st and 2nd series)", of the "Sirio Bergamo" “Sirio Milano, “Jumbo tram” “TSR trains” of Trenord (ex FNM), “Metro Roma Line C” and Sirio Firenze.

It was also involved in the testing activities on DMU IC4 trains, in coupled configuration, at the Vuz Velim test circuit in the Czech Republic.

In the field of on-board safety systems, on the other hand, it carried out the assembly, wiring, software installation and testing of the DIS and Vacma systems on a large part of Trenitalia rolling stock and was also involved in the equipping rolling stock with SCMT and STB systems (Ansaldobreda technology) and SSC-SCMT BL3 on diesel rolling stock (General Electric technology). 

The Company carries out, at its operational headquarters, switchboards for power and auxiliary circuits, bench wiring (spiders, branches, pendants and connections), for the creation of electrical and electronic circuits, by cutting, stripping, crimping, connectorization, cable identification, instrumental testing, 

assembly  and assembly on board vehicles, for the railway sector and, on behalf of third parties, also in the helicopter sector.

It has electronic equipment (dynamometer) for testing and testing (destructive and non-destructive) of crimping and crimping of terminals in compliance with the relevant CEI regulations in force and for the qualification of personnel as wirers. 

 He made pre-wired bench spiders for Alstom's “Minuetto CTR”, bogie branches/connections (motor and carrier) for Sirio Athens, Gothenburg, Bergamo, Milan, Florence and Kayseri, V250 train (Belgium/Holland) and TSR trains, electric trains of the Circumvesuviana of Naples and for Metro Fortaleza. 

 In addition, it has created electrical switchboards and distribution panels, for Metro Fortaleza, Circumvesuviana, Metro Meneghino and Leonardo, Vivalto carriages, etc.  

TECA on behalf of Ansaldobreda, today Hitachi Rail Italy, deals with the repair and overhaul of equipment belonging to the DIS subsystem, such as the Event Recorder (ER), Communication Computer (CDC), Remote Terminal (TFE). The company also produces patch cords such as MVB, WTB, RDI/RDO, RDI/CONFIG, CCU/RIO, Ethernet, Flat, RS232 and is also preparing for the production of optical fiber ones.

In July 2019, the Teca promoted the establishment, and became part of it, of the CRM Consortium (Rail Maintenance Consortium) which also includes the Hitachi Rail company, acquiring the contracts with the same of assistance under guarantee of the Trenitalia fleet of regional trains called Rock, distributed throughout the national territory.        

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