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Our history

 The TECASrl company was founded in February 1993 with the main objective of implementing new development initiatives in the South, paying particular attention to the industrial technological plant sector and aiming above all at energy saving and the development of energy sources alternatives.

 In this sector, in fact, the company has developed feasibility studies, designed, managed and built various plants relating to the transformation of large thermal power stations for the transition from diesel fuel to natural gas throughout the territory of central-southern Italy.

 He designed, directed and built various plants for the production, distribution of electricity and adaptations of existing ones to the new CEI regulations in the industrial and technological sector.  

In March 1997 the company becomes single-member with a sole shareholder who, having taken over the entire share capital and while remaining faithful to the original business sector of the company, expands its prospects by paying particular attention to the railway transport plant engineering sector, metropolitan, railway and aeronautical.  

The constant commitment and perseverance of the management combined with the professionalism of the staff, also acquired through huge investments in staff training, have placed the company among the top suppliers of the main companies in the sector in recent years.

The challenge facing the company's "top management" is to make TECA a recognized, reliable and competent partner, but above all active in the strategic sectors in which it has decided to direct its business plan, through cooperation not only with potential customers or suppliers but also and above all of its competitors.

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